Airborne geophysical survey: Massachusetts Coop '65 (Includes parts of Rowe ARMS '59 and Brookhaven ARMS '60)

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Abstract: Aeromagnetic data were collected along flight lines by instruments in an aircraft that recorded magnetic-field values and locations. In the earlier days of surveying, the only way to represent this data was to generate an analog map with contour lines. This dataset is a representation of the digitized contour lines either by following the lines or by choosing the intersection of the contour and flight-line to create a value of the magnetic field. The values presented are latitude, longitude, and map magnetic-field values.
Purpose: Aeromagnetic surveys are used for geophysical prospecting. Some variations in magnetic measurements are caused by rocks that contain significant amounts of magnetic minerals (magnetite being the most common). These anomalies reflect variations in the amount and type of magnetic material and the shape and depth of the body of rock. The features and patterns of aeromagnetic anomalies can also be used to delineate details of subsurface geology including the locations of buried faults and the thickness of surficial sedimentary rocks.
Language: eng; USA
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Title: Airborne geophysical survey: Massachusetts Coop '65 (Includes parts of Rowe ARMS '59 and Brookhaven ARMS '60)
Date: 2012-01-01
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